Five luxury vehicles were stolen from a single “Auto Row” dealership on Commerce Drive during a five-day span last week, but the dealers was unaware of the thefts until notified by police in New York, where all the cars had been abandoned.

Officials of Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield did call police July 21 to report the lockbox on one of its vehicles had been damaged. All of the cars have a lockbox that holds the ignition key to that particular car or SUV.

But the news soon got worse, when police in Yonkers, N.Y., called their Fairfield counterparts to report that they had located two Mercedes vehicles from the local dealer — one a 2015 ML250 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $49,800, and the other a 2015 GL450 that retails for about $74,050 — on a city street. There were no registration plates, but the plate holders had the logo from the Fairfield dealership, enabling the identification.

The other cars were found in the Bronx, police said.

After reviewing surveillance video, it is believed the cars were stolen between July 16 and 21. The dealership officials told police they think someone may have gotten use of a master key for the lockboxes in order to car out the thefts.