Police are investigating the theft of a loaded gun from a locked locker at The Edge gym, 500 Kings Highway Cutoff, on Monday evening.

The gun’s owner, a Monroe resident, told police he put the holstered, .45-caliber Springfield Armory pistol into a locker, along with his Fossil watch, and locked the cubby with small lock. When he finished his workout about an hour later, he said, the lock was gone and the gun and watch were missing.

He told police he reported the theft to the management and then went out to his car to get a second gun out of the glove box, along with his wallet. He was wearing the second gun on his hip when officers arrived at the gym to investigate the report.

According to the report, he said he had posted on Facebook that he was going to work out and that his friends know that he routinely carries a gun.

Police said the man has valid permits for the guns.

The missing gun with loaded with seven hollow point bullets — six in the magazine and one in the chamber. The gun is worth $550, according to the report, and the holster is valued at $50. The missing watch is worth $100.