Following are recent property transfers on file in the Fairfield Town Clerk's office:

195 Acorn Lane, Claus Aarestrup Friis and Pia Aarestrup-Friis to Paul J. Horton and Joy E. Grossman, $1,284,900

64 Campfield Drive, Leonel and Ligia Flores to Xiaojie Guo and Hao Xin Lu, $170,000

74 Dwight St., David W. and Paul H. Brundage to Michael and Elissa Piazzaroli, $420,000

64 Edge Hill Place, Trinity Baptist Church to James and Josephine Takemi, $20,000

95 Gate Ridge Road, Unit 95, Jeanne Lengel to Susan M. Fay, $435,000

45 Glover St., Jennifer C. Powers and Kathleen C. Grant to Caitlin B. Kneisel, $430,000

200 Homefair Drive, Paula M. Patalano to Steven Olderman, $375,000

1241 Hulls Hwy., Charles D. and Nancy L. Zylstra to Claus Aarestrup Friis and Pia Aarestrup-Friis, $2,590,000

546 Jackman Ave., Robert F. and Caroline R. Winterson to Kevin D. and Brooke Lalumiere, $495,000

11 Old Elm Road, Darren D. Wagner to Vuorn and Yun Sieu, $410,000

315 Palamar Drive, Diane L. Marks to Marilyn Lawrence, $357,500

303 Pansy Road, Steven A. Waldman to Martha V. Mcelroy, $400,000

3657 Park Ave., Joel A. Terrace to Myron Smith, $229,000

2093 Post Road, Exxonmobil Oil Corp. to Alliance Energy LLC, $3,150,000

2093 Post Road, Exxonmobil Oil Corp. to Alliance Energy LLC, $3,750,000

68 Rakoczy Ave., Brian J. and Amy Conroy to Jose Oromi and Claudine Widmer, $537,500

633 Rowland Road, Spratley Graham Jr., Est., and Stephanie Barnes to Piekarski Investments LLC, $212,000

140 Stillson Road, Unit 140, David H. and Barbara S. Ward to Anthony Bravo, $766,000

100 Stone Ridge Way, Unit 48, Daniel E. Weiland to Janet L. Brennan, $460,000

245 Sunnyridge Ave., Unit 47, Lynard 1 LLC to Maria M. Cueva, $237,500

214 Taintor Drive, Wendy Bellefeville to Rudolph Victor and Karalee C. Pino, $776,000

245 Unquowa Road, Unit 62, Mary Little to Tucker Frawley and Rosemary Flynn, $302,500

15 Verna Hill Road, Casey Mary Fuller, Est., and Stephen M. Carruthers to Barbara Ann Scinto, $799,000

119 Westford Drive, Keith Palmer to Reuben and Heidi L. Dasilva, $379,900

131 Windermere St., Marie A. Zikaras and Rocco Corso to Andrea and German Vielmetti, $375,000