When several businesses dedicated to the healing arts found themselves in the same Post Road center, two owners joined to create a new space called The Healing Sanctuary, designed for teaching classes in meditation, traditional Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and spiritual development.

Sage Osa, owner of My Personal Wellness and Brooke Becker, owner of Brooke Becker Therapy, will hold a grand opening on march 24 for their new venue at 1895D Post Road.

For $65 for a half hour, and $125 for an hour, Osa offers medium sessions to connect with her client's "crossed-over" loved ones. Intuitive and psychic readings are available -- at $50 per half-hour -- to provide guidance in people's lives.

"I'm able to tap in to their higher selves, which is the all-knowing aspect within them and I convey information in all aspects of their lives," said Osa, a third-generation psychic.

At a "Soul Retreat" set for March at The Healing Sanctuary, Osa plans to invite guests in for a weekend of spiritual development, with experts in past-life regression. A healthy breakfast and lunch from Health in a Hurry will be included. The retreat is $299.

Osa is a firm believer in what she calls "co-creation," She discovered her intuitiveness at age 9, when she imagined herself having a white bunny, then weeks later finding the pet she had envisioned.

The method of "co-creation" has proved successful for a client of Osa's, owner of Infinite Web Design, Amy DiLardi, of Fairfield.

"Creating more positive thoughts and visualizing the success of my business has made an impact," said DiLardi, who built Osa's website.

DiLardi is taking Osa's course in weight loss based on the book "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson.

Becker offers craniosacral therapy, which facilitates the flow of cerebral spinal fluid throughout the brain and the spinal cord, she said. Different holds alleviate distortions in the way the nerves leave the spinal cord, which can lead to migraine, cluster, and muscle tension headaches and jaw problems, like temporormandibular joint disorder.

Becker said, for example, she might put her hand underneath a patient's neck if he or she is experiencing a muscle tension headache. She said the therapy facilitates microscopic bone movement, called unwinding.

"It's the way the bones let go of the stress, tension, trauma," Becker said.

To "give back to the community," The Healing Sanctuary and local practitioners host "Feel Good Fridays" energy healing on the third Friday of each month.

On Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., Osa and Becker hold open, guided meditation sessions to help guests connect with their essence. Starting off with a guided visualization to help clear the "monkey mind," or stress of the day, Becker continues with chanting and breathing practice.

"I demystify meditation," Becker said. "It's something that anyone can do."

Meditation becomes one's way of life and an approach to life, Becker said. If you're washing dishes, "that becomes your meditation," she said.

Becker also teaches the Chinese art of Qi Gong for spiritual, medical and martial purposes. The combination of simple movements, breathing and a meditative mind is easier to for some of her clients, who prefer Qi Gong over seated meditation, she said. Becker's Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, which began this month, are six for $90, 10 for $120, or $20 drop-in. Her therapy sessions are $110 per hour.

Debra Coleman, Becker's client of four months, takes classes in massage therapy, meditation Tai Chi and Qi Gong at The Healing Sanctuary.

"I think she's got a quiet strength," Coleman said. "She's able to lead a group in a way that allows everyone to participate at whatever level."

In her own space, My Personal Wellness, Osa also sells jewelry made of therapeutic crystals with innate, healing qualities, she said. People can pick stones depending on what they'd like to bring into their lives. For example, someone who wants to be more intuitive might pick and amethyst or someone who'd like to more prosperity abundance would chose citrine, she said.

Spiritual awareness, agreed both women, is not something someone attains but discovers.

"There's a great synergy between the two of them," DiLardi said. "Where Sage leaves off Brooke takes over."

Becker can be reached at 203-727-8433 or brookebeckertherapy.com. Osa can be reached at (203) 767-6237 or mypersonalwellness.com.