Birds of a feather generally flock together and that's true of feathered friends and Fairfield business colleagues Elizabeth "Beth" Santa and Anne Sices Pigue.

Santa owns Nest of Southport, 3548 Post Road, at the intersection of Hulls Farm Road.

For eight years, Nest has provided interior design services, upholstery and furniture, custom windows and exquisite fabrics from around the world for residential and business clients.

The Nest's motto is on the window: "Fine featherings for the home."

People are staying in their homes longer and want their living space to reflect who they are, Pigue said.

Santa said she knew in high school she wanted to be a designer. She went on to graduate from Cornell University's interior design program and received her American Society of Interior Designers certification.

Santa took Pigue under her wing a year after she opened the boutique.

"Beth has been mentoring me," said Pigue, who said she always loved design but took a path less traveled. She focused her studies on languages -- which have served Nest well.

Pigue speaks French and Italian, which is useful use when dealing with some of Nest's international fabric, furniture, carpeting and other resources.

"And that's the fun of it, seeing what we can discover around the world," said Pigue. "That makes our clients' homes unique," Santa said. The women often finish each other's sentences.

"We share a brain," the two said, almost simultaneously.

They also share the same tastes and appreciation for quality, although their approaches may vary.

Santa prides herself in doing what she calls a "hip historical" style.

"There's a lot of regional context here. We're in New England," said Santa.

"They (clients) want to give a nod to that," Pigue began to say, and Santa finished by adding, "but they don't want to live in a museum."

"We can execute from the purely traditional to the transitional to the modern," Pigue said. "We also enjoy the surprise element; putting together design elements that aren't necessarily expected," she said.

Whether the two work together with a client or individually there is always some level of collaboration.

"It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to challenge me," Santa said.

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