The SEC Whistleblower: 10 Step Guide to Reporting & Rewards, authored by NY SEC whistleblower attorney Steven Halperin, launches today as a no-cost guide for New Yorkers who are considering blowing the whistle on financial misconduct and earning a cash award from the Securities Exchange Commission whistleblower program.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) September 18, 2020

Whistleblower attorney Steven T. Halperin, whose Halperin Bikel law practice represents New York whistleblowers spotlighting financial misconduct that violates Securities Exchange Commission rules, has released a layman’s 10-step guide to help employees come forward to report fraud and claim a sizeable reward according to his managing agents at Elite Lawyer Management.

Over the last decade, the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued more than $500 million dollars in whistleblower rewards, including $50 million to a single whistleblower in 2020. Now anyone interested in becoming an SEC whistleblower can download the free e-book entitled The SEC Whistleblower: 10 Step Guide to Reporting & Rewards which explains the process in clear, concise language.

Subjects covered in the book include:

  • Knowing whether or not you qualify as a whistleblower
  • How to present your case to the SEC
  • How to gather evidence lawfully
  • How to protect yourself against job (employment) retaliation
  • How to maximize your reward
  • The role of a whistleblower attorney in protecting your interests

“Securities fraud is a threat to every investor and to the economy as a whole,” Halperin says. “When insiders violate SEC regulations, anyone relying on a 401(k) for their retirement is a potential victim. Plus, securities fraud skews competition in the marketplace, destabilizing the economy.”

Yet, Halperin laments, securities fraud is rampant. “Greed gets the best of people. Especially when they’re under pressure to show increasing profits on their financial statements.” Unfortunately, when insiders manipulate stocks for their gain, ”They’re rigging the system and real people get hurt.”

“The Securities Exchange Commission Whistleblower Program is only ten years old,” Halperin says, “but it has already delivered great results. The SEC needs to enforce regulations to keep the stock market honest and protect consumers. But realistically, the Commission can’t do that alone. They need cooperation from insiders with detailed information of various fraud schemes.”

Whistleblowers who deliver actionable information can receive a hefty reward. This valuable e-book tells potential whistleblowers all they need to know about the process including how to avoid pitfalls, protect their job, and maximize a cash award.

HALPERIN BIKEL PLLC is a Manhattan-based law firm focused on helping U.S. and international whistleblowers expose fraud and collect cash rewards. In addition to SEC fraud, the firm manages qui tam cases related to government contracts, defense department fraud, healthcare fraud and pharmaceutical fraud.

Potential whistleblowers interested in reporting securities fraud can reach author-attorney Steven Halperin at (929) 290-1266 for more information.

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