Opinion: Saving the Earth one sip at a time

I am a 12-year-old girl who attends sixth grade at Tomlinson Middle School. I write to tell you about my love for this Earth, and my small step to help protect it.

Last year, as a student at Dwight Elementary School, my grade was assigned the task of designing and making an invention for the school's annual Invention Convention. I created "SipSavers," tags that slip around the neck of a recyclable water bottle, so that you can identify the water bottle as your own. What makes my invention unique is that the tags are biodegradable, as they are made out of seed infused paper. When done with the water bottle, rip off the tag, cover it with soil, and it will grow wildflowers. How cool is that?

At the Dwight Invention Convention, my invention was selected by outside judges to compete in Connecticut's State Invention Convention at UConn. There, I was awarded "Recognized Inventor" status, and received a $100 savings bond for my innovation. (It was all very exciting.)

I brought a lot of SipSaver samples to distribute at the CT Invention Convention. So many people liked them that I thought it might be fun to make and distribute them to even more people. With some help from my parents, my fifth grade classmates, and my two sisters, we designed a logo, made a few changes to the SipSaver design, and started making lots of SipSavers. I even have a website (www.SipSavers.com) where you can read all about me and my story.

Please look for me at Warde High School on May 8th, at Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration. I hope to be handing out sample SipSavers to all who stop by.

I love this Earth. The fewer water bottles we waste, the greener our world will be. Please help me "Save the Bottle, and Save the World." (That's my slogan; hope you like it.) Also, would you mind telling everyone you know about my idea? I know that I'm just a twelve-year-old girl with a little idea to better the world, but the way I look at it, a little effort by every little person might really make a big difference someday.