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Events FAQ

Fairfieldcitizenonline.com has launched a new events calendar, powered by SpinGo, that we believe will improve your experience of searching and posting events. With our calendar, your event will be displayed on multiple media websites at no cost to you.

Enhance your event listing for free

Images: Demand extra attention by adding a cover photo or other pictures related to your event.
  • Videos: Embed a YouTube video to showcase your event or venue.
  • Additional Links: Take users to the ticket office or share more information.

Upgrade to a Premier Featured Listing

  • Secure the top spot: Your listing is the main event on our calendar for 24 hours.
  • Pick multiple days: Choose only the days that make sense.
  • Widget Highlights: Your event is also displayed on our home page widget and other widgets throughout our site.
  • Mobile Calendar Highlights: Your event is also the top spot on phones and tablets.
  • Social Love: We tweet and share your event.

How to post your event

Here’s how the calendar looks on our site — and how you can post your event:

To post an event, click the "Add an Event" button to the right of the date above the listings. You'll see this page:

Name your event and choose the venue: When you start typing the venue, you'll see a list of places in the dropdown menu. If your venue is not yet in the database, you can click the "Add New" button.

Upload a photo: Your photo must be 360 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, and no larger than 1 MB. If you do not include a photo, we will add an appropriate image.

Submit your event: When you finish filling in all the fields, click the "Next" button at bottom right. This will submit your event for approval, which takes up to a day, at which point it will be posted on the site. On the next page, you will have an opportunity to make your listing a Premier Event: