Movies with Mary: ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ makes you wanna sing

I am not a Will Ferrell fan. I usually find his movies too goofy and dumb, but once in a while he hits his mark — and I think he did in “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” which can be viewed on Netflix.

Having Academy Award-nominee Rachel McAdams play his love interest and the very gorgeous Dan Stevens, from “Beauty and the Beast,” as his foil for her heart, doesn’t hurt.

As a boy, when Lars Erikssong (Ferrell) saw ABBA perform on television, he had a dream. He was going to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. His friend, and maybe sister, Sigrit Eriksdottir (McAdams), bought into Lars’ dream. Lars and Sigrit are accidently given the opportunity to represent their country, Iceland, at the world’s biggest song competition, the Eurovision Song Contest. Lars finally has a chance to prove that any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.

The big problem I had is with the casting. Ferrell and McAdams are supposed to be about the same age and it’s real obvious that Ferrell is significantly older than McAdams. Pierce Brosnan plays Ferrell’s father, which is strange since in real life he is not old enough to be Ferrell’s dad. In other words, Ferrell is too old for the part or desperately needs a face lift if he wants to play younger men.

Ferrell did write the script with “Saturday Night Live” writing alum, Andrew Steel, and it is a funny script with funny pratfalls and gags that you would expect in a Ferrell script.

Also, “Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga” is jam packed with wonderful songs that are performed by a cast of famous performers who you will love listening to. This alone makes this movie worth viewing, and don’t forget to buy the soundtrack for hours of enjoyment.

David Dobkin directs this film and keeps his actors on track.

Filmed in Iceland and Scotland, the cinematography is wonderful. As Lars and Sigrit travel from their small town to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and then to Edinburgh, the shots of the two cities wish you could book a trip with a travel agent.

I enjoyed “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.” Especially at this time, when culture, health and economic news, just, sucks. It is nice to see a silly, nonsensical rom-com that makes you laugh out loud.

I give “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” rated PG-13, four stars.

Movie critic Mary Cox lives in Wood River and studied film at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has worked in L.A. with various directors and industry professionals. Contact Mary at