Fairfield firefighter and paramedic Jeffrey Pinckney and members of Engine 2 from the Jennings Road Fire Station showed more than 120 coaches from the community how to use automated external defibrillators at their annual pre-season safety clinic at Fairfield Woods Middle School.

Pinckney went through the application and function of the AEDs located at the Little League fields; the device can be used to "shock" a stopped or malfunctioning heart back to normal rhythms. The program also covered fundamentals of bystander CPR and the importance of initiating the 911 system to get Fairfield's first responders en route as soon as possible. In addition, safety factors and appropriate response by coaches were also discussed, including lightning strikes, concussion injuries temperature extremes and physiological reactions.

"He covered everything they might need this summer," said Engine 2 Lieut. Schuyler Sherwood.

The event was in response to a recent request to Fairfield Fire Department's Training Division by Brad Weinstein, safety officer for the Fairfield National Little League, for review of first aid, CPR and use of the AEDs at a ball game.