Let there be light: Sun-splashed rays now illuminate one of the newest houses of worship in Fairfield.

That's shimmering impact that 45 newly installed stained-glass windows have brought to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit on the campus of Sacred Heart University.

The chapel, dedicated in September 2009, is bathed in a shifting golden glow cast by the windows throughout the day as the sun circles the structure. The stained-glass windows were designed by the same artist whose mosaic dominates the main sanctuary, the Rev. Marko I. Rupnik, S.J.

The color scheme for the new windows does not use the deep reds and blues that characterize stained-glass designs found in many American and European churches. Rupnik instead chose a lighter palate, employing golden yellow and light gray.

Each of the 45 windows that will fit into 30 chapel niches is made up of dozens of individual pieces of glass. One of the smaller frames holds a window with 150 distinct pieces fitted together in lead frames.

Words embedded in the window design are intended to be a bit hard to comprehend, according to Rupnik. The viewer must enter into the mystery presented, he believes, by considering the words carefully, they become more vivid and memorable. Some parts are easy to discern while other letters in the same word, perhaps, are indistinct or are placed in an unusual position.

The stained-glass windows were installed in eight days by a team of five Italian artisans from the Giuliani Studios in Rome.