Bridgeport FD puts training to the test

Photo of Tara O'Neill

BRIDGEPORT — Bridgeport firefighters train often to ensure they’re ready for any situation — fires, accidents and, in some cases, removing rings from fingers.

The fire department recently had a “man v. machine” training class to provide firefighters with skills on handling “odd job rescues,” including someone being impaled, entrapment scenarios and ring removals.

“One of these skills came in handy when a civilian was advised by a local hospital to go to fire headquarters to have a ring removed from her finger due to swelling and the cutting off of circulation,” officials said.

Firefighters assessed the pain she was in and made a decision that her best option would be to have the ring removed.

With the woman’s approval, firefighters cut the ring off her finger.

“Once the ring was removed, the civilian was extremely relieved and grateful,” officials said.