Danbury woman charged in 1-year-old grandson’s death held on $500,000 bond

DANBURY — A local woman was charged this week in the death of her 1-year-old grandson, according to police.

Police charged 60-year-old Cora Brandon with 1st-degree manslaughter Wednesday, along with five counts risk of injury to a minor and a single count of possession of a controlled substance.

During her appearance in Danbury Superior Court on Thursday, Brandon’s lawyer, Jeffrey Hutcoe, argued for a reduced bond, noting that Brandon has lived in Danbury nearly her entire life and has extensive family in the city or nearby, highlighting her “extraordinarily strong ties to the community.”

Hutcoe said Brandon had no extensive criminal record, and worked in home health care until 10 years ago when she developed breathing problems. He said she is unemployed but receives disability payments that would give her further incentive not to flee if she released.

But state prosecutor Kristin Chiriatti argued Brandon does represent a threat to the community, noting that “multiple other children were put at risk by the incident.”

Judge Robert D’Andrea ultimately ruled in favor of holding the bond at $500,000, calling it “appropriate” and noting it was the same amount he would have imposed if he had signed the warrant for Brandon’s arrest.

Investigators were asked to come to Danbury Hospital March 17 in relation to the child’s death, police said.

“As the child’s death circumstances were suspicious, an investigation was initiated to determine the cause or reason for his passing,” Danbury police said. “The investigation findings implicated Cora Brandon, the child’s grandmother, to be complicit in his death.”

Specific details of the incident, however, were limited Thursday. A warrant remained sealed after Brandon’s arraignment and police said the investigation into the death remains ongoing.

After the Danbury Superior Court issued a warrant, investigators arrested Brandon on Wednesday, police said.

Bond was set at $500,000.