Fairfield animal control seeks home for orphaned dog

Photo of Amanda Cuda

FAIRFIELD — Animal control officials are still seeking a home for a dog whose owner passed away some time ago.

On Saturday, Fairfield Animal Control posted to pictures to its Facebook page seeking a home for Sunny, aka Moon Peace. It was the latest of several posts on the canine, whose owner died several months ago. Included was a plea to find Sunny a home, but also some warnings to make sure that it’s the right home.

“Sunny can be charming and playful in the office and loves to rip around outside on our fenced in grass field,” the post read. “At other times, Sunny can be of course less than perfect. Sunny tolerates other dogs but if they are aggressive towards him he becomes aggressive towards them also.”

However, even the dog’s aggressiveness manifests itself in an arguably charming way. “If Sunny is unsure or dislikes someone he can give the Elvis look with one side of his lip curled up, but has never tried to hurt anyone,” the post reads.

Sunny is available for adoption. For information, call Fairfield Animal Control at 203-254-4857.