The Hartford Symphony Orchestra announced today that, due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting limits on large-scale events, will furlough the musicians indefinitely, as of Sept. 28.

Additionally, according to a press release, on Sept. 1, three members of the HSO administration staff were furloughed and one position eliminated, and the remaining staff took a significant compensation reduction.

Although regularly scheduled large-scale concerts are not currently possible, the HSO said in the release it is committed to staying engaged with its audiences and working collaboratively with its musicians to create alternative programming opportunities that will allow individual and small groups musicians to perform virtually as well as potentially in-person, depending on gathering restrictions. A number of these programs are already in development and will be announced soon.

“We can’t emphasize enough how appreciated the work of our musicians is, how valued they are as individuals, and how painstaking this decision-making process has been,” HSO Executive Director Steve Collins said in the release. “The only constant throughout this period of crisis has been the uncertainty of our future on a global, national and local scale. While this uncertainty may continue, so will our resolve in protecting the HSO and providing for a bright, adaptive future.”