STAMFORD — The Stamford History Center celebrated its newest addition with a rededication ceremony for the historic Hoyt Barnum house.

Mayor David Martin and several other city employees from the engineering and operations departments joined in the festivities, as the project — two years in the making — was a team effort between the city and the History Center, formerly known as the Stamford Historical Society.

The name change comes with the relocation of the Hoyt Barnum House, now sitting on a small berm next to the Martha W. Hoyt School at 1508 High Ridge Road, where Stamford’s historians have worked since 1984.

The city needed to move the historic home, built in 1699, from its original home at Bedford and North Streets to make way for a sorely-needed new police headquarters.

Pam Coleman, Chairman of the History Center, congratulated the police department on their soon-to-be new home.

“We hope you have 300 years” at the historic site, she said at the Wednesday event.

Just before the History Center and city employees cut the ribbon and clinked glasses in celebration of the home’s rededication, Michael Handler, the city’s Director of Administration, gave a token of gratitude to a worker from Davis Building Movers.

Jeremy Patterson, an Iowa native who has been moving houses for 25 years, received a mounted key to the city as thank you for his hard work and counsel to the city during the complicated moving and reconstruction process over the last six months.

“This is a testament to what you can do with three guys — and a woman — who really believe in something,” Patterson said, acknowledging the team of builders and historic consultants who worked on the Hoyt Barnum House relocation.; @noranaughton