Metro-North trains on the New Haven Line are now operating on or close to scheuled on Monday morning.

In an 6:09 a.m. advisory, the railroad said there are delays of up to 15 minutes in and out of Grand Central Terminal.

Delays lingers till around 11:30 a.m.

It says the reason for the delay is because of “a track condition requiring attention in the vicinity of Harlem-E 125th St.”

Metro-North also said delays were caused by “slip-slide” conditions.

The condition happens when wet leaves crushed on the railroad tracks.

The leaves are then made into a gelatinous, slime-like substance that reduces the normal amount of adhesion train wheels have on the rails.

This “slip slide,” prevents trains from stopping normally when engineers apply the brakes. To ensure safety, the railroads institute slower speeds for trains passing through an area where an engineer has reported slip-slide conditions, which can cause train delays.