FAIRFIELD — Animal control officers are looking for the owner of a Blue and Gold Macaw parrot spotted in a tree Tuesday.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Fairfield Animal Control office explained that the bird was seen from the walking path between Veres Street and the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities, off of Mona Terrace. The bird was too high for the Fire Department to capture, so animal control officials hoped the owner could be found to coax it down.

The bird was still in the tree as of Wednesday morning, said Paul Miller, an animal control officer in Fairfield. “It’s way up there,” he said. “It does appear to know how to talk. It said ‘Hello’ to one of our officers a few hours ago.”

However, by Wednesday afternoon, Miller sent an email stating that the bird was “on the move” and had been spotted on Oldfield Drive.

Miller said he was skeptical when officers told him it was Macaw, but after seeing the bird himself, agreed that it does seem to be a Blue and Gold Macaw.

According to the World Parrot Trust, the Blue and Gold Macaw, also known as a Blue and Yellow Macaw, can grow to more than 30 inches and weigh up to 45 ounces. It has a harsh call, and Miller said he’s heard it.

Miller said he doesn’t know where the bird came from, but there are rumors that it was seen in Bridgeport’s Black Rock section a few days ago.

“They’re valuable pets,” he said. “I know someone must be missing it.”

Anyone with information about the bird can call animal control at 203-254-4857.