UPDATE: 11:41 AM

All lanes now open.

UPDATE: 11:24 AM

Street sweeper now cleaning up the remaining sand.

All lanes should be open shortly.

UPDATE: 11:20 AM

Two lanes are now open.

Use caution: DOT workers are on the road sweeping the remaining sand in the closed lane using brooms.

UPDATE: 11:15 AM

Still only one lane open and big delays.

DOT says it’s taking 81 minutes to travel 18 miles from Norwalk to the N.Y. state line.

Average speed is 12 mph.

UPDATE: 11:10 AM

The truck involved in the accident has been removed from the scene.

Sand cleanup continues.

Only one lane remains open.

UPDATE: 11:07 AM

A street sweeper is on the scene cleaning up the sand.

UPDATE: 11:01 AM

The left lane has reopened, but watch out for the sand.

UPDATE: 10:57 AM

All southbound lanes are closed.

Sand has been spread over two lanes to clean up the spill.

But, it will take some more time to remove the sand.


An accident involving a truck carrying motor vehicles has closed two southbound lanes of I-95 in Darien.

The accident, reported at 10:09 a.m., has closed the left and center lanes between Exits 10 and 9.

DOT cameras show two light poles were knocked down and what appears to be a spill of fluids.

At 10:43 a.m., a sand truck has arrived to clean up the accident scene.

Southbound traffic speeds have been reduced to the teens.

DOT says it will take nearly an hour to travel from Norwalk to the New York state line, a distance of 16 miles.

Without traffic or accidents, the travel time would be 18 minutes.