WILTON — A Wilton woman is accused of stealing over $150,000 from a nonprofit she worked for, using the funds to take a trip to Disney World and buy a puppy, according to a news release.

Michelle Foley, a former employee of a Manhattan-based nonprofit organization was arrested and charged Tuesday, said Geoffrey S. Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Foley was the finance director for an organization that provided arts and mentoring programs to low-income, homeless and neglected children, Berman said.

Foley, 45, of Wilton, was charged with one count of bank fraud, one count of wire fraud and one count of access device fraud.

“Michelle Foley allegedly used her position at a nonprofit to steal funds intended for disadvantaged youth. Rather than directing the organization’s funds to those in need, Foley allegedly used over $150,000 for her own selfish gain, including a trip to Disney World and a puppy,” Berman said.

From roughly July 2017 to Feb. 2018, Foley is accused of stealing more than $150,000 from the organization by issuing unauthorized checks to herself from the organization. Foley allegedly made out checks totaling more than $56,000 and used two corporate credit cards to make personal, unauthorized purchases totaling over $100,000.

Those credit card payments included “making payments for a puppy, home furnishings and appliances, and expenses associated with a trip to Disney World,” Berman said.

Foley formerly served as the director of finance and operations for Free Arts NYC, a Manhattan-based nonprofit. Representatives of Free Arts NYC declined to comment.

The 45-year-old fugitive of justice was captured by Wilton police as she awaited for an outstanding package at the local post office after spending months on the lam.

Prior to her arrest, police said Foley, who has criminal history in at least four states, had been moving from state to state frequently to avoid capture.

The bank fraud charge carries a maximum 30-year sentence. The wire fraud charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence and the access device fraud charge carries a maximum 10-year sentence.