To the Editor:

Five years ago, my then 7-year-old son was playing in his first ever Mite hockey game. I didn’t know any of the other parents so chose another random dad to sit with and watch. We celebrated the good plays and critiqued our sons (as all hockey dads will do) when they didn’t play as hard as we would have preferred. That other dad was Tom Flynn.

Since that day Tom and I have had conversations that cover the broadest spectrum imaginable. I will not bore you with all of them but most importantly for Fairfield have been our discussions covering politics and the influence it has on local budgeting. I have many friends in politics but none that have shown the understanding of town finances and the impact on the individual taxpayer more than Tom. He is unlike most politicians who make decisions based only upon the short-term gain or loss. Tom’s ability to see long term consequence on taxpayers and have true empathy for their struggle is something sorely missed on today’s political landscape.

I also have seen Tom’s dedication to the betterment of community though the amount of volunteer work he involves himself with. Youth sports, church activities, board of directors at Beardsley Zoo — the list goes on. His commitment to others is admirable on so many levels. My arbitrary choice of dads from years ago has resulted in a friendship that goes beyond the arena of youth sports. Tom, his wife Amy and his three children Meghan, Tommy and Ryan have become an extension of family. For myself, my wife and son this could not have worked out better.

Gov. Malloy has put the state of Connecticut in a true fiscal mess. Having local representation with the ability to navigate this turmoil could not be more imperative. Fairfield would do itself good to elect Tom Flynn to Board of Finance.

Kevin Corcoran

West Haven

To the Editor:

The Fairfield Public Library gets by with a little help from our Friends…actually, we get by with a lot of help from our Friends! The Friends of the Fairfield Public Library promote, advocate, fundraise and volunteer on behalf of the Library, bringing together the staff, Trustees, Friends and patrons into a partnership that creates a powerful force to help sustain one of the Town’s most important resources for babies to seniors and residents of all ages in between. Established in 2003, our Friends of the Library group has provided over $300,000 to the Library to support special programs, services and resources not included in the operating budget, including a commitment to fund the Library’s museum pass program with $10,000 a year for 10 years.

Oct. 15-21, 2017 is the 12th annual National Friends of Libraries Week, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the administration, staff and Trustees of the Fairfield Public Library to thank our Friends for all they do to make a difference for us every single day.

During National Friends of Libraries Week, we ask the Town’s residents to celebrate the Friends’ contributions and ‘Friend Your Library’ by becoming a Friend at and make a lasting difference for the Fairfield Public Library.

Sonal Rajan

Chair, Fairfield Public Library

Board of Library Trustees

To the Editor:

I am proud to support the Democratic RTM candidates running for election in the upcoming municipal election. Their qualifications are based upon experience and leadership in diverse and pertinent areas. As the previous Chairman of the Earth Day Committee and the Clean Energy Task Force I have known and worked with:

• Sharon Pistilli (Dist. 3 candidate) during her years of service on the Committee and her work with Fairfield’s Clean Energy Task Force (CETF). The CETF awarded Sharon a Community Innovations Grant used to increase participation in the CT Clean Energy Options, a clean energy program.

• Mary Hogue (Dist.1 candidate), become the tireless chairman, of the Committee, also chairing the Forestry Committee and actively contributing as a member of the CETF.

• Lauren Bove (Dist. 7 candidate) worked on the Earth Day Committee for several years. Her contributions to Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration preparations were invaluable.

These candidates have demonstrated strong support for health and environmental issues playing strong leadership roles. Our town and it’s Fairfield’s citizens are better off as a result of their actions.

Larry Kaley


To the Editor:

Per the invitation regarding the subject of budget financing — what about I-95 tolls?

We had such once and now with the prevalent RFDI technology used throughout other parts of I-95 it should be a serious consideration. Though such had been in discussion we have not heard of any further progress. It would be consistent with other municipalities considering and addressing congestion measures.

Travel the Connecticut corridor of I-95 any day of the week and one will find at least 30 percent of traffic with out-of-state plates (and maybe more on the weekends), and such would be another justification for RFDI Tolls. Tolls could readily be adjusted to vary from week day traffic to weekend traffic so as to make it less costly for weekday work related travel. But if an extra lane is being considered why not also the reinstatement of tolls?

One can tell the day of the week just by the pattern of 18 wheelers moving either north or south at different days. So much commerce is transported via the corridor and therefore a further justification. There are options

Dr. Paul Rivera

CFP Faculty Adviser

Fairfield University

Dolan School of Business

To the Editor:

How sad that Abby Rohinsky’s dog was attacked and killed at Lake Mohegan. I have never taken my dog to the Lake, but on four separate occasions she has been attacked, including once by a dog on a leash, just on our daily walks in Southport. Dogs can be unpredictable, but the major problem is selfish, inconsiderate and clueless owners, and changes at Lake Mohegan or a dedicated dog park will do nothing to remedy that situation.

For example, your article quotes a woman as callously saying, “If dogs being dogs bothers you, then go somewhere are ruining it for everyone.” Really? Dogs killing other dogs is normal, acceptable canine behavior?

Perhaps this woman could show some empathy for a fellow dog owner who cruelly and unnecessarily lost her beloved pet. Then again, probably not. She obviously bristles at rules and efforts to provide a safe environment for dogs and owners alike. It is entitled and self-absorbed people like her who actually “ruin it for everyone.”

Patricia Leimkuhler