FAIRFIELD — Four Fairfield restaurants did not pass their health inspections in January, for reasons that included misuse of dented cans, absence of food thermometers and missing a consumer advisory menu.

Bill’s Crossroads, Wafu, Bonani Kitchen and Geronimo Tequila Bar obtained below 80-point scores, resulting in failed inspections.

Points can be deducted for various reasons — equipment and utensils cleanliness, plumbing, handwashing facilities and food protection are some of the categories listed on a routine health inspection report.

“As this is the first time we’ve ever failed a health inspection, we took this very seriously and acted swiftly to rectify the issues,” said Donna Moreggi, director of operations at Geronimo Tequila Bar.

Health Department Director Sands Cleary said a re-inspection is carried out two weeks after the first inspection to make sure the violations are corrected.

“These inspections ensure that the materials and equipment being used are consistent with the approved plans,” Cleary said.

All four restaurants, after correcting some violations and other health points, obtained passing re-inspection scores.

Bill’s Crossroads passed with an 84, Wafu an 86, Geronimo Tequila Bar a 93 and Bonani a 96.

Cleary said a single inspection is just a snapshot in time, and overall inspection scores are more indicative of any particular establishment.

“Just like anyone else, food establishments can also have a bad day. Inspection scores reflect only things that are happening at that specific time and day that the inspection is being done. It’s important to look at the establishments overall inspection results rather than to just focus on one inspection,” Cleary said.

Attempts to reach other restaurants via Facebook, phone and email were unsuccessful.

“We educated our team on-the-ground at the restaurant to prevent future issues,” Moreggi said. “We are committed to serving the Fairfield community...and assure our fans that we are dedicated to maintaining our current near-perfect score.”