FAIRFIELD — People may be more familiar with Jill Lawson’s dog, Albert, than they are with his owner.

After all, Albert draws quite a bit of attention when he’s at the beach or up at Lake Mohegan. Not because of his breed, but because Albert is unable to use his two back legs and gets around with the help of a small-animal wheelchair. But Albert’s not just a hit in person, he also is a bit of a social media star, with both a Facebook page and an Instagram account — @albertonwheels.

Albert came into Lawson’s family after he was found in a ditch in Arkansas, his legs paralyzed. They believe he was probably hit by a car. A DNA test determined that Albert is a Yorkshire terrier, poodle and Shih Tzu mix, but they’re not sure how old he is. Based on his teeth and other indicators, the Fairfield resident said they think he is about 7 years old.

Q: What would you say to someone who was thinking about rescuing or adopting a dog like Albert?

A: I always encourage special needs adoption, but it’s not something that’s easy. You need more time and resources for a special needs pet as they go through wheelchairs, etc. We just ordered Albert’s fourth chair in five years.

To avoid a failed adoption, I would encourage people to talk to someone with experience before committing to an animal.

Q: Does Albert’s disability change the way other dogs react to him?

A: Other dogs are usually not treating him any different. He runs and plays with all the big dogs on the beach and at the lake.

We have two other rescue dogs, Norman and Pancakes, and two special needs rescue kittens, Lulu and Ella. They all get along beautifully — one big happy pack.

Q: When and why did you decide to start an Instagram account for Albert?

A: I think I started the Instagram about two or three years ago. I started the account to spread awareness for special needs and dog rescue.

Q: How do humans respond to Albert?

A: Humans love Albert and through emails and messages I know that he inspires and make a lot of people happy.

Q: How many Instagram followers does Albert have? And who does Albert follow on Instagram?

A: Albert has 95,600 followers on Instagram. Our favorite accounts to follow would be @wolfgang2242, @chloekardogian, @super_scooty and @goatsofanarchy.