FAIRFIELD — Santa Claus may be the man of the hour these days, as Christmas Eve fast approaches.

But, Santa can’t do it all by himself, and even Rudolph and the elves get their due, through holiday songs and movies. There’s just one person, however, who tends to stay in the background who is just as important — Mrs. Claus.

When people think of Mrs. Claus, they probably think of her as holding down the fort back at the North Pole, while Santa flies here and there, posing for pictures and greeting the cheering crowds. These days, though, Mrs. Claus is taking a more prominent role, which seeing as it’s 2017 seems about right.

At this point, the lists have been made, gifts are being wrapped, and sugar plums and Star Wars droids are dancing through childrens’ heads. The North Pole is a beehive of activity as the zero hour is near, but Mrs. Claus recently found some time to sit down for a quick chat.

Q: Santa Claus gets all the ink, but it seems these days Mrs. Claus is every bit as popular. To what do you attribute that?

A: Well, I love all the children just as Santa does, and perhaps the children sense that.

Q: What is your most important job around the holidays?

A: During my trip to Fairfield this year, many boys and girls expressed concerns that I wasn’t at home, baking cookies. While I bake a great deal of cookies throughout the year, the children give Santa so many cookies in December that I can get on with my gingerbread.

Q: How often are you able to accompany Santa on his visits to children prior to the actual holiday?

A: As often as my schedule allows, and even if it doesn’t, I will join Santa when he comes to town. It’s so jolly when I get to see everyone I love so much before Christmas Eve.

Q: Do you and Santa have any superstitions that you go through before he sets off on Christmas Eve?

A: All of us do a great deal of singing at the North Pole, but there are special songs that we don’t sing at any other time than Christmas Eve. And when the toys are packed and the time comes, he’ll lay a finger aside of his nose, give me a nod and up in the sleigh he goes.

Q: For future reference, what is the one thing young kids do that will, unfortunately, keep them on the naughty list?

A: I will let you in on a secret. There is a naughty list, but Santa hasn’t used it, not once, in all these years. Neither of us believe there are any bad children. Sometimes children can do something naughty, but nice boys and girls find ways to make others smile.

When you make a habit of small, thoughtful gestures, then everyone, not just Santa, will know that you’re nice.