An 86-year-old Stratfield Road man suffered four fractured ribs when he was crushed in his pickup truck after it struck a wall in his garage Sunday afternoon.

Franc Us was treated for his injuries at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, and released from the hospital Monday night. He initially had been reported to be in critical condition.

Emergency-services personnel were alerted to the incident shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday when neighbors called 911 to report hearing a man crying for help from the Us property.

Firefighters arriving on the scene found Us pinned between the truck's chassis and the driver-side door, and the vehicle itself was wedged against the garage door jam.

Us had apparently been trapped since about 4:30 p.m., when a witness attending a family Easter party next door said she heard a bang and saw that a pickup had apparently struck the door of the garage behind the Us house.

The woman reported that she did not see anyone in the vehicle at the time.

However, as she left the neighboring house about 6 p.m., she heard screams for help, walked over to the Us driveway and saw the man pinned between the truck door and its body.

Firefighters, joined by police officers, physically helped free Us from his entrapment and he was transported to the hospital by an American Medical Response ambulance.

Us told police that he had pulled his truck into the garage Sunday afternoon, and started to get out, thinking he had put the vehicle in park. However, the truck was still running, and the transmission was in drive. The truck surged into the garage wall, trapping Us as he tried to exit, although he was able to turn off the ignition.