They were taking a weekend break from the holidays along the breakers at Penfield Beach.

Families and individuals -- some seeking a bit of solitude from family celebrations -- were joined Friday by dozens of dogs and even a few horses for a bracing jaunt on the shoreline.

Although many Fairfielders were among the visitors to their hometown beach, others from nearby communities and points much more distant were among the crowds.

Among the longest-distance travelers was Inge Kruuse, from Denmark visiting her daughter, Jill Lawson. Together, they were walking Jill's dogs Bella and Albert.

Members of the Warns and Emerson families, walking the shoreline together, were from Baltimore, Md. and Monroe. Brenna Dougherty traveled from Simsbury to visit Fairfielder Will Quinn. Lissa Pasternak and Eric Tsang motored up from Greenwich and were walking with Casper, a cockapoo.

Meanwhile, Joanne Murphy of Fairfield as astride Wildwood Skier, a former racehorse, putting him through his paces on an expanse bounded by a jetty.