FAIRFIELD — Visitors to the Fairfield Museum and History Center were self-focused last Thursday, a likely result of the theme of the new exhibit, “Look at Me! Recording and Sharing Our Selves,” which chronicles the evolution of self-portraits in this age of selfies.

The exhibit features a gallery of portraits, ranging from those painted in the 1700s and 1800s, to silhouettes popular in the early 19th Century, to composed portraits snapped by studio photographers in the late-1800s, to present-day selfies snapped with smartphones.

The exhibit, in fact, encourages visitors to snap their own selfies using mirrors, masks and backdrops.

Suzanne Chamlin-Richer, from Fairfield University, was on hand at the opening reception to teach the basics of portrait drawing and challenged event attendees to pair up and sketch each other.

The exhibition underscores that even though the digital age is unique because of the speed and ease of taking and sharing portraits with smart phones, the desire to document and share personal images is centuries old as illustrated by the museum’s wide-ranging collection of historical portraits.

“Look at Me! Recording and Sharing Our Selves,” runs through May 1 at the Fairfield Museum and History Center, 370 Beach Road. For more information, visit www.fairfieldhistory.org or call 203-259-1598.