A curbside ice cream social in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — Residents here are not going to let the annoyances of isolation and other COVID-19 inconveniences get them down, especially on a sunny weekend.

Residents found their places in the sun, even at home on their own lawns — working, playing and enjoying safe social engagements.

Thanks to one caring neighbor in the Szost Drive neighborhood, an ice cream social took place Sunday afternoon.

The treat was on resident Christine Poole, who hired her friend Alene Sabados — who drives the pink Alene’s Ice Cream truck — to spin around the neighborhood and, at appointed times, share some summer refreshment.

“We’re all just one big gang,” Poole said of their neighborhood, and saw it as an opportunity to “pay it forward.”

“I wanted the neighborhood to have its curbside ice cream, like we used to,” she said, when she was young.

More than 80 people took part, signing up for a time per the Facebook post Poole sent out.

“I find that I’ve been a little busier than usual,” said Sabados, a Fairfield native who many will know from events around town in years before the virus crisis.

“What I try to do is bring a little sunshine to the neighborhoods when people call me,” she said.

And judging by the good-humored faces of those who participated, it appears to work.