A fine day in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — You can’t keep a good Fairfielder down … or certainly not inside!

With the April enticement of the weekend’s gorgeous weather, residents across town found ways to get out and about within the confines of COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the various closures at parks and beaches, people still found ways to get to where they wanted to go, utilizing street parking or private lots, bicycles and lots of feet.

Streets were busier with pedestrians Saturday afternoon in some places than motor vehicles. And while supermarkets still overflowed in places, and outside wait lines were long, many chose to devote their time to recreation and relaxation throughout Fairfield.

Still, there were occasional signs of unusual circumstances and perhaps overreaction, such as when a car pulled up for an instant at the corner by Fairfield and Penfield Beach Roads, near the entrance to Penfield Beach.

A blaring loudspeaker let loose from a passing police car — “You’re right in front of a no parking sign!” — drawing shock from the driver and startled reactions from those who were walking by

“It’s like a police state!” one man commented.

Hopefully it won’t be coming to that.