The audience jigged, tapped and even whistled in time to traditional Irish melodies that filled a corner of the Fairfield Public Library on Saturday -- a musical tribute to St. Patrick's Day.

Fairfielders Sally and Damian Connolly performed the holiday interlude for a crowd of nearly 100 people, many of whom wore articles of green for the occasion.

The Connollys sang and played instruments -- from the fiddle to the accordion -- for renditions of popular and melancholy Irish ballads.

Town Librarian Karen Ronald said of the program: "We wanted to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and recognize the diversity of ethnicities in the town of Fairfield. This is part of the town's diversity initiative, marrying local interests and a need for tolerance of all people."

Ronald said it was especially heartwarming to see people of all ages in attendance, "celebrating music and being part of this community."

Chad Anderson, a friend of Sally Connolly's, said he came out to not only support her, but as a "warm-up to family festivities and other shenanigans that will ensue later in the evening."