A man who police said shot a pit bull that was attacking his two dogs will not face charges, although the Tuesday night incident remains under investigation.

A Jennings Road man was walking his beagle and Pekinese dogs on Prince Street just before 8 p.m. Tuesday when the pit bull ran out of a yard, charging at the man and his dogs, according to the report. He was carrying a registered, permitted handgun and fired one shot at the pit bull, police said.

Another Jennings Road resident called police after hearing yelling and then what he believed was a single gunshot. Officers dispatched to the scene found the injured pit bull and were approached by the man who did the shooting.

He told police the pit bull attacked his two leashed dogs, and after he was able to get his dogs away from the attacking dog, the animal then charged at him.

"He was in fear for his dogs' safety and his own safety," Police Chief Gary MacNamara said Wednesday. "There is every indication this was clearly a self-defense situation."

MacNamara said the gate to the pit bull's yard had apparently been left open, allowing the dog to get loose. "Dog ownership comes with responsibility," the chief said.

He said Animal Control staff will look into whether there had been any earlier incidents involving the pit bull and whether it had an up-to-date rabies vaccine.