Oh, happy day!

Rather, happy “Daes,” as Daesy the mascot cow at Sunny Daes Ice Cream shop, corner of Post and North Benson roads, is back home after being reported missing last Saturday.

Daesy’s disappearance was no mean feat since the fiberglass bovine stands over 4 feet tall and weighs about 400 pounds. She apparently was swiped by Mischief Night evil-doers late last Friday or early Halloween morn.

On Monday, however, Daesy was found by police, acting on a tip phoned in by a resident, in a wooded area off Mill Plain Road.

“I always wanted to be a cowboy when I was kid,” said police Lt. Jim Perez, who had to muscle the beast onto a truck to get it back to Sunny Daes. “But I never thought that the work would be this hard.”

It wasn’t the first time the cow has been stolen. The mascot was taken in 2005, and found a few days later dumped near the Metro-North Railroad tracks.

The cow is valued at $1,500.