Board of Selectmen meetings aren't usually all that exciting, but Wednesday's meeting had plenty to cheer about.

The selectmen honored both the cheerleaders and dance team from Fairfield Warde High School for winning championship titles.

As First Selectman Michael Tetreau introduced the cheerleaders, he said that cheerleading is a demanding sport, but then played devil's advocate, asking, "Is cheerleading really a sport?"

Tetreau helped answer his own question when he said cheerleaders work in closer coordination with each other than athletes in other sports. "If someone's not in the right position," he said, "somebody is falling down."

The Warde cheerleaders were crowned champion in the annual FCIAC competition after falling short three previous years.

The dance team won the state championship this year, and Selectman Cristin McCarthy Vahey said she's seen college dance teams that are not as polished as the Warde team.

"This commitment to excellence is something that will serve you well," Tetreau told the dance team members.

All the cheerleaders, dance team members and their coaches received certificates honoring their achievements.