After flying under the radar for about a month, a red-shouldered hawk appears to have returned to aggressively patrolling the airspace near Fairfield Ludlowe High School -- and attacking students.

A student suffered two cuts on his head Monday afternoon when a hawk swooped down on him as he was leaving the school grounds and headed toward Mill Plain Road. The cuts were treated by the school nurse and the attack was reported to police by Ludlowe Headmaster Vanessa Reale.

Officials believe the student is the fifth person to be attacked by a hawk, although they are not certain all of the incidents involve the same raptor.

The series of attacks began in January, but on Jan. 28, firefighters dislodged a nest on the school grounds that officials believed might have been home to the hawk. The nest was empty at the time it was dismantled, and Animal Control Officer Paul Miller said there was no way to be certain it was the hawk's.

Those attacked include a woman knocked off the bicycle she was riding on Brookbend Road.