BUCHAREST, Romania -- A 25-year-old Romanian man has been taken into custody and is being accused by police of attacking former Sacred Heart University basketball player Chauncey Hardy, who died Saturday from repeated blows to the head after an incident at a Romanian bar.

Romanian Basketball Federation chief Carmen Tocala told GSP radio that Hardy died Sunday, suffering two heart attacks following his beating Saturday night.

Police spokeswoman Mirela Gheta said the 23-year-old Hardy had severe head injuries and was in a coma when he was admitted to the hospital.

Hardy died shortly after undergoing surgery in a Bucharest hospital.

Hardy played for CSS Giurgiu in southern Romania and was celebrating a victory over rival Dinamo Bucharest in Giurgiu.

A suspect, Ionut Adrian Tanasoaia, surrendered to police Monday, according to Mediafax. Tanasoaia's attorney, Emil Vuca, told Prosport.ru his client turned himself in after learning of Hardy's death and didn't flee from the scene. He said the attack didn't have anything to do with a clan, but local media agencies claim the suspect has ties to a local group known as "Buttons," that has criminal ties. Tanasoia has no criminal history, Prosport.ru reported.

Prosecutors said Hardy was punched after he playfully put his cap on a woman's head. They added that the woman's boyfriend objected to the gesture, and Hardy tried to show he didn't understand Romanian.

Tanasoaia then allegedly punched Hardy on the chin and he fell to the ground.

A preliminary autopsy revealed a massive hemorrhage and broken skull. Giurgiu county hospital spokeswoman Elisabeta Bene said Monday that doctors initially suspected Hardy was in a coma because he had been drinking. She said his condition deteriorated a few hours later and he was transferred to a hospital in Bucharest, 38 miles from Giurgiu.

Romania's health ministry Monday ordered an inquiry to determine whether emergency procedures had been followed.

It will take two weeks for a toxicology report to be completed, but Hardy's Romanian coach told the Bucharest Herald, an English-language newspaper, Hardy hadn't been intoxicated prior to the attack.

A Middletown, Conn., native, Hardy played for Dave Bike's Pioneers from 2006-2010 and finished with 1,247 points.

He appeared in 114 games over his four-year career and helped lead the Pioneers to back-to-back appearances in the Northeast Conference championship game in 2007 and 2008.

During his senior season, Hardy, an Xavier High grad, became the 29th player in school history to reach 1,000 points for his career. He finished the year averaging 12.5 points.

Former teammates were shocked to learn the news on Sunday.

"It's the last the thing you'd expect to hear in the world, honestly. I never expected to wake up today and get a call that Chauncey Hardy was killed last night," said Ryan Litke, Hardy's teammate for four years at Sacred Heart. "This out of the blue to me, especially being in an area like that. He was one of the quietist kids."

Litke, who graduated from Sacred Heart in 2010, lives in Bridgeport. He hadn't seen Hardy since the spring, but had maintained ties with him over Facebook and the phone. Litke said Hardy went to Romania in late August and all reports from Europe had otherwise been positive.

Litke, who played AAU with Hardy on the Connecticut Basketball Club, received a call from former teammate Josh Marshall Sunday telling him the news.

"I'm in shock right now, I can't believe it's real," Litke said in a phone conversation.

Bike expressed similar sentiments.

"It looked like he had caught a break and we were excited about it," Bike said. "I'm just sitting here biting my lip. It's sad."

Bike also expressed sympathy for Hardy's mother -- Olamae Hardy -- and his sisters, Onnalisa Hardy and Jada Kindsey.

"We all get excited about playing a game, this is ... you know, it brings you back to reality, you know?" Bike said.

In a statement, SHU athletic director C. Donald Cook said, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of a fine young man who had his life cut short at such a young age while he was overseas doing something he loved."

Hardy played for Bike's Pioneers from 2006-2010 and finished with 1,247 points.. He appeared in 114 games over his four-year career and helped lead the Pioneers to back-to-back appearances in the Northeast Conference Championship game in 2007 and 2008. Hardy was a career 41.0% three-point shooter, making 174 of 424 from behind the arc.