A prime piece of Southport real estate — directly across Pequot Avenue from Southport Beach — will be preserved as open space following its acquisition by the Aspetuck Land Trust.

The property at 1400 Pequot Ave., nearly an acre in size, “threatened by residential development,” David Brant, executive director of the land trust, said in a statement announcing land’s acquisition. The $!05,000 transaction took place Sept. 25, he said.

Crediting donations to the land trust, Brant said, “we were able to purchase and preserve as open space forever a 0.72-acre lot alongside Sasco Creek across from the long-popular public swimming beach and picnic area.

“The acquisition prevented a house from being built on highly erodible land,” he added. “Potential development also would have had a negative impact on the distinct character and beauty of the area and put the water quality of Sasco Creek at risk.”

The land trust, Brant said, is in the process of buying more open space in Weston and exploring other properties in Easton to add to its inventory.

Donations, he said, make the land purchases possible.

To learn more about the Aspetuck Land Trust or to make a donation, visit www.aspetucklandtrust.org .