Aspetuck Land Trust to celebrate 50 years

Edward Kanze will speak at the Aspetuck Land Trust's upcoming meeting.
Edward Kanze will speak at the Aspetuck Land Trust’s upcoming meeting./ Contributed photo

FAIRFIELD — The Aspetuck Land Trust is marking a half-century of conserving open, naturally beautiful spaces in Fairfield, Westport, Easton and Weston with a celebration for members on Friday.

The 6:30 p.m. event will be at the Pequot Library in Southport.

The trust will premiere a video on its work since its founding, “Barlow’s Dream,” for founder Barlow Cutler-Wotton and narrated by board member Lissy Newman.

Newman’s parents, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, partly funded the trust’s Newman-Poses Preserve in Westport, of which Lissy Newman is a steward.

The celebration will also feature guest speaker Edward Kanze. The author, naturalist, wilderness guide and photographer will speak about the value of small, locally preserved areas of natural beauty, including areas the Aspetuck Land Trust preserves.

Executive Director David Brant said the event celebrates the trust’s history and people who have supported its work over the past five decades.

“People preserve land,” he said. “It doesn’t preserve itself. So a lot of folks have been involved over the years.”

The organization has more than 800 donating members.

Brant highlighted the Trout Brooke Valley Preserve in Easton and Weston, natural playground for children in Westport and the Newman-Poses Preserve, as among the organization’s work over the past 50 years.

“Looking at stone walls and fields and woods is a big part of living around here,” he said. “With all the development, it’s good to have a local land trust that’s out there trying to preserve land so that it doesn’t get developed. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, really.”

Membership begins at $50. Members who would like to attend Friday’s event should register by emailing; @LauraEWeiss16