Two female employees of Pinkberry, the popular frozen yogurt shop downtown, were roughed up during an attempted daytime robbery Sunday, police said.

A masked man entered the store at 1512 Post Road about 10:15 a.m. Sunday -- about three-quarters of an hour before the shop was to open -- when a single employee was on the premises, police said. The young woman opened the back door when someone knocked thinking it was a co-worker, who had called minutes earlier to say she was on her way.

The intruder, who was wearing rubber gloves, barged in and covered the worker's mouth with his hand as he pulled her inside.

He demanded money, threatening the worker by saying he had a knife, police said. Soon after, the second employee arrived and was knocked down by the suspect as he fled before taking any cash.

The first employee suffered a small cut on her face and the second employee's jeans were ripped from her fall, according to the report.

The robber is believed to have made a get-away in a waiting older model Nissan Altima or Maxima.