FAIRFIELD — Two new faces will be at the helm of the town’s board of education.

Philip Dwyer, after a six-year stint as chairman, began the board’s regular meeting on Nov. 13 by confirming he would not seek re-election within the board.

“It’s my joy to have been chair of this board for the past six years,” Dwyer said. “The nine of us have a responsibility to make sure these children get a good beginning in life.”

The board members, who had just come out of an hourlong executive session, approved the nomination of Christine Vitale as the new chairman in a unanimous vote. Vitale is a Democratic, first-term board of education member.

Nick Aysseh, Republican, was also unanimously voted in as the vice chairman of the board. Aysseh is replacing Jennifer Jacobsen.

Jessica Gerber, a Democrat elected back in 2011, was unanimously re-elected as secretary, a position she has held since she first joined the board.

Following the vote on all three officer positions, Vitale thanked the board and Dwyer.

“It’s hard to fill someone who has been in the position for the last six years,” Vitale said. “I’m counting on you all to guide me and working with Dr. Jones.”

The unanimous approvals marked a departure from previous board elections where decisions were often split.

One of these included a walk-out protest in April 2017, a move meant to question the legitimacy of a board member and an item involving different interpretations of the town charter.