When restaurateur Richard Reyes decided to bring his family business to Fairfield, the rising number of restaurants in town was not a deterrent. In fact, it was an attraction for him.

"The more of a food community you have, the more supporters you have for your restaurant," he said, perched on a bar stool in Baro, his newly renovated restaurant -- it's called a "cantina redefined" -- in the Brick Walk shopping complex. He and his brother, Juan, "want to be part of the culinary conversation in this town," Reyes said.

Already the owners of three Latin food establishments in Danbury, the Reyes brothers and their father, Luis, wanted to bring their brand of Latin American cuisine to Fairfield. The family, which moved here from the Dominican Republic 20 years ago, has been in the food business almost ever since.

Baro, their newest restaurant, opened on Aug. 11 and offers when Reyes called contemporary Latin food -- a combination of cuisine from Central and South America and the Caribbean. All wines and spirits served in Baro are also from Latin American countries, as well as Spain, he said.

Baro's menu isn't exactly tapas-style, Reyes explained, but it does offer many small plates. The menu features a variety of items on skewers, picaderas or snacks, and several varieties of tacos, as well as large plates. The menu also lists the various local growers and food vendors where the restaurant procures its food.

Reyes expects Baro will do well partly because the location in the Brick Walk at1229 Post Road is a good location. "People seem to know about us here. It's a good restaurant corner," he said.

The building now housing Baro is the former site of Vino restaurant, and before that Spazzi's, which means that restaurant patrons are used to coming to that location, Reyes said.

Latin cuisine offers big, bold flavors, according to Reyes, and he hopes that patrons will come and enjoy it. "I encourage people to come and try food from three or four different countries," he said.

Baro, 1229 Post Road, is open for dinner and will begin serving lunch within a few weeks. For more information, call 203-292-9560 or visit www.baroct.com.