A black bear was captured after it was tranquilized Thursday afternoon in a residential neighborhood off Stillson Road, after a day when the animal was spotted in several spots around town.

Several sightings of the bear — officials believe it likely was the same animal — were received by police throughout the day in neighborhoods ranging from Greenfield Hill to the Jennings/Judd road areas.

The last report of the roaming bear was in a back yard of Denise Terrace home, where the animal had climbed a tree. Police alerted the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which dispatched to a team that tranquilized the bear and removed it from the yard.

No one was hurt during the operation or during the animal’s earlier travels through town. But its unexpected presence in residential neighborhoods did spark concerns.

According to Chief Gary MacNamara, police received several reports of a bear roaming in the area of Congress Street and Hoydens Hill Road around 9:30 a.m. Thursday, and later in the day behind Fire Station 2 on Jennings Road.

One resident called police to report a black bear had ventured onto the home’s back porch, he said.

Sightings were also reported on North Benson Road, he said, adding they believe the bear may have been making its way down from the more woodsy Greenfield Hill area.

“Obviously, these are roaming animals, but our officers haven’t seen them,” MacNamara had said Thursday morning. He said the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection recommends the bears be left alone and allowed to “roam back into wooded areas.”

MacNamara said residents should not approach the bears, and should contact police if they spot one that appears threatening. “They periodically come out and wander into public areas,” he said, looking for food. People should make sure that all garbage cans are covered and secured.

A Code Red Alert was sent to residents living in areas where bear sightings were reported as a precaution, the chief said.

“Don’t antagonize them. Call us to report the bears,” MacNamara said.

Bears were also sighted in the upstate towns of South Windsor and East Windsor Thursday morning, eating out of backyard bird feeders. There was also a recent bear sighting in Norwalk.

Westport police on Thursday also issued an alert about bear sightings in that town.

The DEEP recommends people keep their distance from bears, and either slowly walk away or announce their presence by shouting and waving arms. No one should attempt to feed the bears. and sightings can be reported to 1-860-675-8130.