FAIRFIELD -- Town Republicans have chosen Board of Finance Vice Chairman Robert Bellitto as their candidate for first selectman in this year's municipal election.

The light turnout at Tuesday's caucus to select the GOP candidates for November shows Bellitto with 493 votes beating Representative Town Meeting member David Becker, who received 376 votes. Coming in third was firefighter Hugh Dolan, who got 68 votes.

Bellitto was elated with the results giving him the standardbearer's spot on the Republican ticket. But Becker seemed to back away from a pledge he had asked his opponents to make -- support the caucus-endorsed candidate and not wage a primary.

Tuesday night, however, Becker said his opponents never responded to his request to take the no-

primary pledge.

"We'll discuss my plans moving forward," he said. "I think it's fair that we sit down and we talk about it."

The vote-counting did not take long because of the low turnout. There were 10,335 registered Republicans eligible to vote in the caucus.

"It feels thrilling," Bellitto said. "I feel proud, excited and tired, but I'm very thrilled and very grateful to registered voters in Fairfield for coming out to vote on a sweltering day."

Selectman James Walsh was unopposed to seek the other seat on the Board of Selectmen, as was Town Clerk Betsy Browne in her bid for re-election.

Bellitto said he looks forward to running with Walsh, and said he tried hard in the campaign leading up to the caucus to run a positive campaign. "I don't believe in being negative," he said. "I think everyone has something good to offer."

Going forward, Bellitto said, he will continue that strategy and focus on the issues. He is expected to face Democrat Michael Tetreau, the town's interim first selectman, in November.

The Democrats were to nominate their candidates for November at a town committee meeting Thursday night.

"I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Tetreau," Bellitto said. "He's a colleague and a friend and I look forward to a gentlemanly campaign."

Prior to being chosen to fill the first selectman's seat when Kenneth Flatto left in May to take a state job, Tetreau was also a member of the Board of Finance.