One if by land, two if by bike?

A platoon of bicyclists took to the streets Sunday to roll through four centuries of Fairfield history on a biking tour organized by the Fairfield Museum and History Center and the town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.

Despite the sweltering weather, 21 bikers signed up for the 12-mile tour, which began on Town Hall Green and zig-zagged past the Ogden House, an 18th-Century farmhouse; the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club (site of the Great Swamp Fight of 1637 between settlers and the Pequot tribe), Southport Harbor and Sasco Beach, before rolling to a stop at the former Nike missile site off South Pine Creek Road.

Walter Matis, the Fairfield Museum’s program director, guided the bicycle tour, which he surmised was probably the first of its kind. “It is one thing to read history, but it is quite a different experience to get out, enjoy an afternoon of cycling and see where key events happened in our town,” he said.