Within an historic village, the placing and size of new structures can effect more than just the immediate neighbors -- loss of view etc. -- but the entire street and in fact, the village.

A very large house on small acreage, as proposed for 920 Harbor Road in Southport and currently on the Historic District Commission agenda, disrupts the feeling of this village's gradual development over two hundred years in varying styles. It is safe to assume the historic, large houses one sees in the village today sat once in a more sparsely developed community with a good deal of open land remaining.

Today, every inch of Southport land is being developed or perhaps exploited, piggy backing on a history that creates value. At some point, a tipping point is reached and the village history is lost.

I suggest the commission request that the proposed house at 920 Harbor Road be more modest in size, with reduced coverage of land by driveways and pool.

Roberta Hodgson