A deal made via a Facebook page turned sour for a Vermont Avenue resident.

The man reported to police Thursday that his BMX bike, worth $500, was stolen by a man he knew only as "Jose." He told police he was trying to sell the bike using a Facebook group page and had received a response from Jose, who he agreed to sell the bike to for $300.

Arrangements were made to meet Thursday night. The buyer showed up in a red Volkswagen with a roof rack, and put the bike in the car's hatchback. Jose said he was going to the bank to get the money to pay for the bike, but needed the seller to give him a push down the hill so he could pop the clutch and start the car. The bike's owner did that, and Jose drove off toward the Fairfield Metro Center, but failed to return later with the money.

The male suspect was described to police as about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, with dark hair.