Construction on the new Black Rock Congregational Church continues according to schedule, according to Ken Brix, executive director for the church.

Brix said the work at the 3685 Black Rock Turnpike site is on target to be completed next March or April. In the meantime, church services are being held at Notre Dame High School on Jefferson Street, while weekday activities take place at the Firs Presbyterian Church on Easton Turnpike. Church offices are operating out of 626 Surf Avenue in Stratford.

The new church complex will feature a larger worship center that can accommodate 950 people, a dedicated wing for children's education, an expanded welcome center, two rooms dedicated for junior high and high school students, a cafe, a larger kitchen and a dedicated prayer room.

The expansion plans, which initially sparked fierce neighborhood opposition, were revised by church officials several times, and were reduced in size last year because of the sluggish economy. The first phase involves construction of a 53,000-square-foot first floor, while the second phase will be construction of a 17,000-square-foot second floor. A portion of the original church will be renovated and incorporated into the new complex.

The first sanctuary of Black Rock Turnpike Church was built on the site 45 years ago.