Fire destroyed a garage attached to a Fogwood Road house in the midst of driving rain Friday evening, but firefighters blocked the blaze from spreading to the home.

"The guys did an amazing job," Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola said of the response to the fire at 100 Fogwood Road, corner of Fogwood Circle, which erupted shortly before 5 p.m.

Gomola said a passerby saw "heavy fire" coming from the garage on the west side of the structure and called 911 to report the blaze.

Two occupants had fled the house before firefighters arrived, and the garage roof had already burned off, according to Gomola.

Firefighters attacked the blaze from outside the garage and inside the house, where flames had begun to spread to the attaic. Firefighters climbed ladders -- slicked by Friday night's heavy rain -- up to the house roof to cut a ventilation hole, the assistant chief said.

The garage eventually collapsed on itself, revealing a scorched minivan alongside the blackened remains of lawn equipment buried in the structure's smoking remains.

At one point, firefighting crews had to use foam to douse gasoline-fueled flames, Gomola said.

Gomola could not say whether or not the fire began in the van or another source in the garage. The Fire Marshal's office is investigating the blaze Friday.

Gomola not only credited firefighters' performance in preventing the fire from spreading to the house, he also said greater damage was prevented by a fire hydrant that was installed five years ago when water mains were extended to the Greenfield Hill area.

"If it wouldn't have been for that, we would have had a mile and a half of hose to lay," he said. "And the house would have burned to the ground."