FAIRFIELD — A very special celebratory show was revived Friday night at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church when the church players produced The Boar’s Head — a Festival of Light.

Close to 100 performers took part in the musical retelling of the boar’s head legend, which centers on an Oxford University student who halted the rampage of an angry boar by stuffing his Greek paper down his throat.

“The boar, finding Greek difficult to digest, died on the spot,” Rev. Curtis Farr began, in telling the story.

“Light is the essence of why we’re gathered here this evening,” he said, noting that while the roots of the festival trace back to Pagan rituals, the theme of lightness over darkness ultimately became part of Christian teachings.

“It’s a very English thing and we’re, of course, an Anglican church,” said Alice Mindrum, artistic director.

At the same time, she said, this retelling is particularly unique because it features a range of different musical styles and unusual pageantry.

“We haven’t done it for 14 years,” she said, having originally begun the festival in 1978.

“It is a joy for St. Paul’s to be able to offer this festival of pageantry of song and dance,” Farr said, “which brings with it a message of light and hope in an often-troubled world.”