Several burglaries or attempted burglaries were reported in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy at the small Greenfield Hill Shopping Center on Bronson and Hillside roads.

The incidents were discovered early Friday by an officer on patrol. They include:

A bathroom window at the Greenfield Hill Service Station was broken, and a garbage can used to climb into the building. No cash was taken, according to the report.

At Greenfield Cleaners & Tailors, a front door window was smashed, but nothing appeared missing, as was the case at nearby Bonda restaurant, police said.

Two windows were broken at The Country Mouse gift shop, but there appeared to be no entry.

At Greenfield Hill Liquor Shop, a glass door pane was broken. Change was found on the floor, but the store's merchandise appeared untouched, police said. A safe was found open, but it was most likely empty to begin with, according to the report.

Greenfield Hill Dog Grooming also suffered a broken window pane, but a change box and checks were left behind.