FAIRFIELD — Talk of a pedestrian bridge over Ash Creek connecting Bridgeport’s Black Rock section with the Fairfield Metro train station remains just that — talk.

The idea has been tossed around for several years, but at this point, there are no final plans, and the formal permitting process has yet to begin.

“The project is at the pre-permitting phase still, as we continue to coordinate with the Army Corps of Engineers and Enclave Equities, the property owner,” Dean Mack, a planner with the city’s Office of Planning and Economic Development. Enclave Equities, a New York-based commercial real estate investment firm, assumed a managing interest in Blackrock Realty and the development of the Fairfield Metro Center in 2017.

Mack said he joined the project in late 2016, he has been working closely with Enclave to get a “formal expression” of their willingness to grant an easement for construction of the bridge and a trail on the Fairfield Metro property. “This document is required for us to apply for permits,” he said.

Discussions with the Army Corps, he said, “involve how extensive the application process for permits through their organization must be, so we need to settle on an application procedure before we can submit out application.”

In addition to securing the easement from the property owner, the project will also require approval from Fairfield’s Conservation Commission and Town Plan and Zoning Commission.

“We will not be presenting formal applications to any local permitting commissions until we have obtained state permits for the project, which is unlikely to occur during this calendar year,” Mack said.